CGS lidwoord oefenprogramma 1.1

CGS lidwoord oefenprogramma 1.1: Dutch noun training application CGS lidwoord oefenprogramma is a Dutch noun training application. It allows the user to sharpen the Dutch de/het nouns by pratice. It includes a pre-selected collection of 300 words but the user is free to add, change or remove any words. It is also possible to share new word collection files (XML) with friends. Comprises of de/het, deze/dit, dezelfde/hetzelfde types of training as well as a few simple rules about Dutch nouns.

Brain Builder - Math Edition 3.0: Over 500 million math puzzles in a multimedia game. Has 16 skill levels.
Brain Builder - Math Edition 3.0

Over 500 million puzzles in a fun multimedia game ensure unlimited playing time. Sharpen your problem solving by tackling math problems that are presented at precisely your level. 16 different skill levels are available. Feedback tells how far you`ve progressed. Skills taught include beginning algebra, mental math, and problem solving.

mental math, calculation, elementary, game, math, puzzle, algebra

Thumba 2.0: Thumba - an online image editor fast, convenient and very simple to use.
Thumba 2.0

Let your pictures with a professional look has never been so easy. Thumba is an online image editor totally free, without advertisements, without the need to register and with everything you need. Just enter and use. With Thumba you can adjust the images in several ways (brightness, contrast, hue, saturation), apply several effects (blur, sharpen, artistic, etc.) and use various tools (red-eye removal, brushes, cropping, resizing).

image editor, photography, adjustments, crop, effects, photo, contrast, online, analysis, image, correction, resize, brightness

Accu-Reading 3.1: Promotes mastery of specific reading skills.
Accu-Reading 3.1

Accu-Reading provides short non-fiction selections designed to improve specific reading skills: main idea, vocabulary, sequence, factual recall, inference, and drawing conclusions. This easy-to-use software motivates students to sharpen their reading comprehension and provides teachers with measurable results.

software, reading skills, education, reading software, reading

Hexagon Wild 2.0: Form large hexagon groups to score in the MILLIONS or BILLIONS!
Hexagon Wild 2.0

A fun and exciting game designed to challenge and sharpen your mind. Hexagon Wild is kid-safe, addictive to adults, and easy to play! Click on groups of three or more Hexagons of the same color, until there are no moves remaining. Form large hexagon groups to score in the MILLIONS or BILLIONS! There is an integrated auto-help system in the game to get you going immediately!

game, hexagon, brain, mind, puzzle, wild

Picture Roller 1.0.5: Rotate, resize, sharpen and add text to pictures. Organize albums and share with
Picture Roller 1.0.5

Organize, create albums, slideshows, and share your albums via web with our free online storage space and e-mail. Edit your pictures using powerful edit functions for a fraction of the price. Re-touch, Rotate, Resize, Sharpen, Colorize, add Text and effects (Gray Scale, Glass Effect, Blur, Motion Blur...) to your pictures. Merge two pictures into one using our panoramic feature. Convert file types; optimize size and quality of your pictures with

create online photo album, create a photo album, create photo album, create panornamic pictures

ALifePower 1.03: ALifePower game is an incredible entertainment, enhance your quality of life.
ALifePower 1.03

ALifePower game is an incredible puzzle entertainment,enhance your quality of life. It can help sharpen your reflexes and keep thinking fast. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic, depending on your skill and experience. Otherwise game add intuition, recognition, patience,memory and count test.It is fun, challenging, and addictive!

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